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Welcome to Paatasala in USA!

Paatasala is a Telugu language teaching facility for NRI Telugu children in US owned, managed and operated by Paatasala Inc, USA, a 501 (C)(3) Certified Non Profit Organization. Paatasala, though originally started in October 2013 in 10 centers by Telugu Times, the First Global Telugu Newspaper, which has been catering to the needs and serving the NR Telugu Community in USA on the eve of its completing 10 years not only publishing news but also supporting and spreading the awareness about Telugu Culture through various media. Drawing a thought from its own tag line, Mana Vaallu Mana Baasha, Telugu Times started Paatasala, an easy and a scientific way of teaching Telugu Language to the children of NRIs.

However, after seeing the response from the community, an Independent organization, Paatasala Inc was incorporated in August 2014. With a larger plans of serving the community, Paatasala Inc has applied for and obtained Non Profit status with 501 (C) (3) certification.

Paatasala offers:

Complete Learning
4 year 3 semester course starting from Telugu Alphabets, reaching up to Telugu Literature.

Convenient Learning
Classes over the weekend in important cities of USA

Proffesional Learning
Professionally developed Syllabus followed by Universities

Effective Learning
For the first time ever, Course books being exclusively designed with English SUB TITLES

Attractive Learning
For the first time ever, eLearning modules with Audio & Video presentations

Telugu Paluku
As a Level 1 Course, Telugu Paluku, begins with the emphasises on alphabhets in Telugu language and their pronounciation.

For sample course material, CLICK HERE.
For sample eLearning modules, CLICK HERE.



Paatasala Updates
  1. TV9 30-min exclusive on Paatasala - CLICK HERE
  2. Paatasala launched with Saraswathi Puja in 3 locations on auspicious VijayaDasami
  1. The reach of Paatasala is growing deeper every day with addition of new learning centers
  2. Bay Area Telugu Association (BATA) is aggressively working on 4 Learning Centers in California. Dr Ramesh Konda, Past President, BATA is coordinating PAATASALA activities
  3. Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Society (GWTCS), Washington has taken the responsibility of promoting and managing PAATASALA in DC, Virginia & Maryland areas with 4 Learning Centers under the coordination of Mr Ravi Gourineni, Vice President, GWTCS
  4. Mr Ram Vedantham, CEO, Compugra Systems, New Jersey and a well wisher of Telugu Times, is coordinating in taking PAATASALA to the NR Telugu Community of New Jersey